Friday, September 28, 2012

Gay Activism Makes Me Tired

This particular topic has been bothering me for some time.  I chose not to say anything because I felt this topic - over others I’ve written about - might somehow make me or my husband a target of hate.  I felt by expressing my opinion about this would trigger threats or attacks more than any other that I’ve made public to date.  I was also worried it would harm my husband’s business or reputation, and then it occurred to me: I was falling for the same rhetoric that a lot of others were falling for.  I stayed quiet out of fear; that meant the liberal side of this debate was winning.  Well, I’m quiet no longer, I understand what I’m about to say is unpopular.

Every time I look at the news, the LGBT community is up in arms or trying to make front page news about something.  Gay activism makes me tired, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.  Fifteen years ago, I would have helped, I would have made the posters, I would have written my MP.  But now, they’ve won their acceptance.  Same sex marriage is legal, companies cannot discriminate against homosexuals, so I ask, what more do they want?  Not everyone is going to be accepted for everything all the time.  Being a vocal conservative woman, I get that.

I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression and equality but there is a limit.  I am not for shoving ideologies down the throats of those who don’t agree with me.  Make your point, make yourself heard, fight for the same rights as everyone else and accept the win gracefully.  Don’t demand respect, don’t demand tolerance for your chosen lifestyle, not everyone is going to agree with it.  Let me be clear, I have no issue with sane, rational, gay people who don't feel their sexuality is the focus of their identity.  I do have a problem with people who throw their homosexuality in my face and expect me to respect them because of it.

There appears to be a group of people out there trying to change the definition of “normal.”  It seems though when one does not live an alternative lifestyle (anything LGBT) that person is immediately wrong.  If we dare speak against alternative lifestyles, we’re homophobic or transphobic.  I find this to be a ludicrous concept.  I like this word “debate.”  It’s a good word.  I also enjoy other words and phrases, like “personal opinion” but we’re not allowed to have those anymore unless they follow the party line.  I’m finding my personal opinions don’t follow party line.  At times I’m not sure where the party line is.

Most examples of this Liberal psychosis right now seems to be in the Toronto District School Board.  Not only do they call themselves a gay straight alliance, they promote gender bending to elementary school children, as well as homosexual and polygamist lifestyles.  What happened to public schools teaching things like reading, math, and science?  Family values and morality, as far as I can remember, wasn’t in the curriculum.  So many argue religion doesn’t belong in public schools, so why do LGBT initiatives or alternative family lifestyles?  If one can argue for, one should be allowed to argue against but that simply isn’t the case.

There are also people that promote the idea of raising children as “gender neutral” stating gender is a stereotype.  Gender is not a complex or stereotype, it is physiological.  Women and men are built differently.  We do different things, like, for example, women can get pregnant, men can’t.  Men who “identify as female” should try PMS once or twice.  They would never “identify as female” ever again!

The Ontario anti-bullying law is a confusing one to me.  It says anti-bullying but somehow it’s become another win for the LGBT community.  All schools, public, Catholic, whatever, must permit gay straight alliance clubs.  How did an anti-bullying law turn into a political forum for homosexual lifestyles for teens?  Apparently when this law was created, they missed the part that said sexuality was low on the list of why kids get bullied. Kids get bullied because of their looks, their weight, their grades. So, since looks are the top of the bullying list, why aren't uniforms mandatory in all schools? Then they need to create a fitness regimen so everyone weighs relatively the same, and so forth.  Gay straight alliance clubs should be very far down on the list for methods to prevent bullying.

This liberal psychosis is not limited to Ontario.  Earlier this year, the education minister in Alberta was trying to put through the Education Act.  All teachers, including home school teachers, per the act, would have had to change their curriculums to conform to Alberta Human Rights.  My issue with this is that human rights are very subjective.  What this means to me and most others is Christians are no longer permitted to teach Christian values to their children.  The easiest example to pick on is Christians would not be permitted to teach the biblical view that homosexual acts are wrong or sinful.  Again, this was done in the name of diversity and tolerance... just not tolerance of Christians.  This is a common, regularly occurring, disturbing view now.  TOLERANCE FOR ALL (unless you’re a conservative, white, Christian, then keep your opinions to yourself, oh, and change.)

The Education Minister said it was not his intention, nor the intention of this bill, to limit what parents or teachers could teach with respect to religious morality.  The same thing was said about section 13 of the human rights act and it became known as the “hurt feelings” law. The Education Act came scarily close to being law which would have become an issue in the long term.  If the Education Act had passed, I could see parents getting sued by some liberal activist for teaching home schooled children intolerance or hate outside of school hours.  It would be some innocuous thing like parents debating the daily news such as “Love has no gender” around the dinner table, and they end up in the Alberta Human Rights courts for indoctrinating children.  It’s one of the many reasons I’m glad it didn’t make it through third reading.

In our new and interesting world, the trend has become disturbing.  If something is changed in the name of diversity or tolerance, Christians, anyone with traditional values, or opposing views are told they are bigoted or phobic.  Apparently only select diverse differences are tolerated; others are, well, wrong.  Either one is tolerant of differing view and opinions, or they should man up and realize how truly intolerant they are.  The hypocritical “if you disagree with me, you’re racist/homophobic/transphobic/bigoted” crap is as good an argument as “that’s offensive.”

Even strange changes like gender inclusive washrooms happen because of this so called “inclusive,” “tolerant” attitude.  It happened at the University of Victoria.  These washrooms were created for transgendered people who don’t know what washroom to use.  Either gender can use these washrooms.  If anyone speaks out against this, they’re simply told they’re missing the point.  Forgive me but there are not so many “gender benders” out there that we need to start modifying public spaces for them.  My personal thought is, if a person doesn’t know what washroom to use, they’ve got bigger problems.  

What irritates me is that changes like this happen for such a tiny minority.  People who fight for LGBT rights would like us to believe it's for a large percent of the population.  Most reliable demographics models that I find show no more than 1%-4% of the population identify as homosexual or transgendered (two spirited?). So why do we bend over backwards for this group?  It’s gotten bad enough that they want gender removed from our passports!  Give me a break!

I don't think that these topics should be forced on children or anyone else for that matter. Why is this still an issue? Same sex couples have the same rights has male/female couples so what's the problem? Continuing this fight only causes resentment, which is exactly what's happened with me. I was for gay rights, I know a lot of gay people that are quite personable. None of them are “activists.” None of them make me feel like a second class citizen because I'm married to a man and none of them wear their sexuality on their sleeve for everyone to see.

Maybe the LGBT community and gay activists will regain my respect when they don’t expect tolerance from every corner of every household in the known universe.  They need to give me a chance to forget they’re around and realize they’ve blended into society. Then the LGBT community has truly won.  Right now, I find them to be a joke and bunch of self righteous bullies.


  1. I completely agree!

    People should just go on and live their lives and not shove their stuff in the faces of others all the time.

    Live and let live, don't worry, be happy.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. It was nice to hear from someone who feels exactly as I do. I have had gay friends all my life and they NEVER made me uncomfortable. But having theses topics constantly shoved down my throat bothers me. I don't run around screaming, "hey, look at me, I'm heterosexual!!!!" Actually, I don't discuss me personal issues with anyone unless they ASK for such information. I'm tired of being intimidated by people because I don't fully agree with every single thing the gay community wants. Hey, I don't get everything I Anyway, thanks for sharing your feelings.

  3. I love this article. Thanks for writing/sharing it.

  4. The Bible tells Christians not to conform to the evils of the world but be conformed to the word of God. Christians have to leave such God-hating cultures behind that persecute Christians. Many of those who came to the Americas from Europe did so to escape religious intolerance & persecution. Now its happening again. You must choose between serving a govt. you know to be wrong & evil or serve a God you know to be right, all-powerful & merciful. But also a God with a wrath who demands holiness. Christians have to come out of Sodom & Gommorah. " For what shalll it profit a man if he gain the whole world but loses his soul?"--Mark 8:36.

  5. You need to leave Canada. The Christians who came to the Americas from Europe did so to escape religious intolerance & religious persecution. It is now happening again. God instructs Christians to serve Him not the world. When facing a govt. that promotes evil and demands you give up your religion to serve evil you must reject evil. If there is a choice between serving wicked laws of govt. vs. serving the laws of God Christians & Jews must choose to serve the LORD GOD. You must have freedom of conscious. No nation is really home heaven is your real home. The Bible instructs Christians to "come up out of her." This can refer to any perverse, wicked nation. God requires His children to be holy he is all-powerful, merciful & forgiving. But God is holy and he has a wrath side against sin and, unholiness. For GOD will punish all evil doers and unrepentant sinners.