Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Canada Firearms Centre, A Positive Experience

So this year my husband had to renew his PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) and his long term ATT.  The long term ATT (Authority To Transport) allows licensed people to move restricted firearms to ranges, gunsmiths and border crossings for a period of 5 years.  Last October, he sent in all his information and his PAL came through just fine.  Somewhere along the way, my husband, me, the RCMP, all forgot about the ATT.  We haven’t gone shooting for a few months so it hasn’t been an issue and even so, I have my ATT, so it still wouldn’t have been an issue.  I would have been travelling with him.  Even so, he needs his own.

The issue came in when we were at the Calgary Gun Show and he purchased a handgun (a restricted firearm).  Life was good, he and the seller called the Canada Firearms Centre and the RCMP were very helpful.  The officer even said “Well, your short term ATT has been approved so I assume your long term was already sent out, all is well.”  My husband pointed out he has yet to receive his long term ATT. So the very nice lady on the other end of the phone changed the date of the short term ATT.  (A short term ATT is a one trip ATT with specific ‘from-to addresses’ that basically let the RCMP know a restricted firearm has been picked up, and by whom.  It’s part of the registration process for restricted firearms.  We all think it’s a pain but it’s law.)

This morning my husband re-submitted his application for his long term ATT thinking it would take awhile.  Well it did.  It took a mighty, now get this... 27 minutes!  The Canada Firearms Centre is certainly getting their ducks in a row! Alls I can say to that is wow.  That is awesome!  The Canada Firearms Centre gets more pleasant to deal with as time goes on!  Keep it up guys!

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  1. The CFC has been becoming more helpful of late. Applied for Business Forms, et. al., and they arrived within TEN MINUTES!

    They also came with a personal note:
    "Call me if you need help. If you don't need help, apply to work here!"

    CFC being fast, helpful AND funny? YES! Keep it up people. :)