Friday, January 20, 2012

Oil and Gas Pipelines from My View

My name is Carmen Jane McCullough. I’m Inuvialuit and a couple generations back, Scottish on my mom’s side.  I’ve got German heritage from my dad.  I was born in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.  Most of my family is still scattered through the Northwest Territories.  I’m married to James, a white guy born in Edmonton but who realized Calgary is way cooler.

These are my Aunts, on the Right is my mom and in front is my Granny
I take native photos and read history books.  I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to political issues that affect me as the various levels of governments have been making what appear to be arbitrary decisions in my so called best interest.

Native Photo
History Book
Until a few years ago, I didn’t really think about my heritage or what it really meant to me.  Being that I live so far away from the Inuvialuit, it’s hard to stay in touch.  Of late, I’ve been talking with my sister on political issues that affect us.  She still lives in Inuvik.  She and I are very different people but I value her opinion very much since she said to me she decided she’s smart.  It is quite the statement from anyone.

I was very much in favour of the Mackenzie Pipeline and have been disappointed at the progress thus far.  I hope in the future it gets built and without the rhetoric from environmentalists but that’s wishful thinking.  I am very much in favour of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Why President Obama said no, and with a blame throwing caveat, confuses me.  Currently, I am in favour of the Northern Gateway Pipeline and why the Gitxsan Nation rescinded their support baffles me.

I did some research on the Gitxsan Nation.  I went to their website, I read about their heritage and what they want to accomplish in the future.  The partnership with Enbridge in my opinion could only help them advance.  The pipeline project would provide the Gitxsan Nation with job opportunities and training for their people and a constant influx of money to the band for a period for 30 years.  And that’s just the information I found on a quick search.  I find it strange and unfathomable that they would say no to an amazing opportunity to work with a corporation willing to give so much in return for a buried pipeline route that in a couple of years you wouldn’t even know was there.

I do not understand why so many people are so concerned about the possible environmental impact of this pipeline.  They keep bringing up oil spills.  Yes, that could, possibly just maybe happen, but the pipeline is being built with current technology, not 50 year old tech and it’ll be built up to current environmental regulations.  These regulations aren’t exactly lenient in this country.  Not only that, if there were this possible just maybe future spill, Enbridge does have to clean it up, and fast.  If there’s even the possibility of a breach, someone MUST go check it out, actually go to the site and look at it, do tests, make sure all is well and if all is not well, fix the problem.  That’s why oil and gas companies have land management teams.

Environmentalists want people to believe their lies instead of science.  They’ve campaigned so well that people refuse to believe facts nowadays.  Somehow they’ve convinced people that drilling, moving or refining oil is evil yet people still drive their cars, warm their homes and fly in good conscience.  Why it is that someone will take the word of a professional protester over the word of a petroleum engineer, I will never understand.

I’ve also found references from people talking about evil “corporate profit.”  Enbridge has every right to make money.  However, in their effort to make money, they are paying wages, salaries, various licensing fees, all kinds of insurance, federal taxes, and all sorts of taxes in both provinces.  They’ll be purchasing materials to build the pipeline and hiring other companies to move earth and the list goes on.  It’s not just Enbridge that makes money, it’ll be so many other companies plus the provincial and federal governments.  Don’t forget the local business as workers go through to grab a bite to eat and what not.  The economy at every level will increase for a time everywhere this pipeline touches.

In some of the arguments that I’ve been in over the Northern Gateway Pipeline, people have said that because I live in Southern Alberta it doesn’t directly affect me.  My husband and I have a small acreage near Bon Accord.  The pipeline is going right past it.  It does affects me directly and you know what, I’m not worried.

Read on the pipelines.  Research it and make your own informed opinion.  Don’t listen to professional environmentalists and protesters with their pseudo facts and realize that businesses have a right to run and make money.  Money in their pocket is not money out of yours.  Also realize that oil and gas companies are not out to destroy the planet.  In my experience, they don’t want that anymore than you do.


  1. The Keystone XL project would have been of great benefit to both Canada and the US and that's exactly why Obama killed it.

    Look at everything he and his party has done since he took office and every time they had a chance to do something good for the US, or something bad, they've chosen to do something bad.

    If they were simply stupid, they'd have done a few beneficial things just by sheer chance.

    But the truth is, these people are not stupid, they're insane. They are filled with hatred for themselves and everyone else as well. They live to destroy everything good and decent in the world and disguise their malevolence with bullshit.

    In short, Liberalism/Leftism/Progressiveness/Communism, which are all the same thing in the end, are not a belief system but rather a virulent form of mental illness.

    Shorter still, Liberalism is madness.

  2. I've noticed this. When he declined permission for the Keystone Pipeline, he said it was the Republican's fault for giving him a timeline and on the same page it talked about the unemployment rate of the USA being a low 8.5%. First that number is based on statistics and second, that's 26 million people, slightly less than the population of Canada. How was a foreign investment into America a bad thing??? Right, because President Obama is crazy and bows to environmentalist rhetoric and pressure instead of the needs of his people.