Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finally, I went to the Occupy Calgary Squat

Today, I finally went to Olympic Plaza with my husband to see the Occupy Calgary squat for myself as it is what got me opinion-ating in the first place.  What I saw was more than a little disappointing.

I saw tents, as everyone knows, a few people sort of milling about, a cardboard structure of some kind and garbage, lots and lots of garbage.  There were also signs that made no real sense to me.

We walked through the camp.  Most of the "occupiers" ignored us, a couple of them said hello but that was about it.  One guy walked past us looking quite menacing.  I just smiled at him and kept on looking around.  The conclusion I've come to is there is NO protest.  A protest is an attention catcher, it gives a clear message and people are in fact interested.  At Olympic Plaza, there was CTV news, myself, my husband, 3 Calgary Police Officers and the "occupiers".  So who exactly are they protesting to and what exactly are they protesting?  Ah yes, I forgot about the mini-film crew mocking the "occupiers" dressed up and acting out "la revolucion!"  It was kinda funny.  One of them started smoking and the officers did stop him stating there is no smoking permitted in Olympic Plaza.  He looked around and said "Oh, okay, but it takes away from my shot!"  I noticed from where I was standing 3 no smoking signs.

Tent City
This is a protest?

What a mess.
Does anyone clean up?

Yum, rotting vegetables.
Discarded bread and meat.

Hmm, wonder who this belongs to.

Now, about these signs that don't make sense...

What do any of these mean?  99% winning what?  Doesn't that mean you have to know what you're fighting against in the first place?  Oh, and my god children can build better forts.

Wealth (n.): all things that have a monetary exchange value or anything that has utility and is capable of being appropriated or exchanged. 
This sign says "private property" (in a public park) AND this person is demanding "public ownership of all means of production."  Can we say tastes like contrary?

What's with the American money?  I guess it's like using the 99% American statistic in Canada.  It just doesn't work.  They yell "CORPORATE PIGS!!!" and "Don't Worry, We're from the Internet" in the same breath.  I'm wondering which ISP they use.

I did see the Charter of Rights and Freedoms hanging on a tent.  I didn't need a photo of it as they're abusing it anyway.  Why is it, every time someone wants to say something that no wants to hear, that someone brings out a copy of the Charter?

An issue I do have with these "occupiers" is my dad came to Canada from East Germany for the freedoms Canada holds and they're wanting to take those away through political force, not due process.  They want to change this country into a socialist, government controlled totalitarian state through so called "non-violent" anarchy instead of trying to make change properly.  And they do it in the name of equality while squatting beside the statues of the Famous Five.  Do they have a clue?

Calgary is a corporate heavy city, it always will be.  People come to Calgary to work peacefully.  If you don't want to work but you do enjoy unions, protesting and social assistance, go somewhere else.  The Occupy Movement has no place here.  The only good that's come out of it is it's shown what a spineless, useless mayor Calgary currently has and it's shown me I'm willing to back my alderman (Big Red) and speak my opinion when I feel my rights are being trampled.


  1. As a supporter of Occupy Calgary, I have no issue with your observations. That was until you mentioned this:

    "They want to change this country into a socialist, government controlled totalitarian state through so called "non-violent" anarchy instead of trying to make change properly."

    Where is your demonstration of this? As a matter of fact, I think your assumption is way out in left field.

    You do realize that we currently live in a semi-socialist state?

  2. Yes, I am fully aware Canada is somewhat socialist. I've read the occupy demands and the occupy movement is demanding nationalization of private organizations. Not so left field I think.

  3. Did you know that a lot of the people who live at that camp also work full time jobs and go to school? Which probably explains why you didn't see very many people in the middle of the day.

    And what demands are you talking about? There are no universally distributed "demands".

    You also quoted the person with a sign on there tent stating it as private property as having demanded "public ownership of all means of production." but you also said no one talked to you. How did you get this quote? Clearly it's not from a publicly distributed set of demands since there are non.

    As for that "cardboard structure of some kind and garbage, lots and lots of garbage". That is a fully winterized shelter constructed out of materials saved out of the garbage. I personally find that very resourceful and clever.

    It seems like you have something valuable to offer as a voice, please don't waste it by becoming a shortsighted internet rant blogger. Those voices are only followed by the ignorant.

  4. I agree, people may work full time and go to school, it's Sunday and from what I see from others, what I saw today is a common sight.

    The Calgary Herald posted Occupy Canada Demands which I read. It was a google doc.

    I didn't quote a person, I quoted the sign on the tent. It can't be seen very well in the picture, I can send you a higher resolution copy of the pic if you would like. You can read the signs then. The signs say "private property" and public ownership of production.

    Near Teatro restaurant, there is in fact trash all around, not just the cardboard structure. Actual trash such as rotting vegetables, bagged bread and packaged meat, things that didn't come out of the restaurant.

    Thank you for thinking I have something valuable to offer. That does mean something to me. This blog is a means to an end, it won't be forever.

  5. You should have been there after five there was about 60 people there having open dialog, sharing in a potluck and having a jam session. Last week Liberal MLA David Swann was there engaging people. A wonderfully respectable move. His thoughts were, if people are down there then there must be a reason and he wanted to hear what we had to say. Certainly a step above most representatives who have failed to do the same and others (specific anti-protestors) who come down without knowing what the protest is about, simply yell at the campers.

    The Calgary herald has been continuously distributing not only incorrect but highly bias information since the beginning of their coverage of this movement. I would encourage you to be very skeptical of anything they put out.

    As for the Garbage, I can't deny that lots of people litter all over the city. Do you think that is is specifically caused by occupy?

    I see the quotes from you on that tent now. However. The sign of being private property is clearly a legal move to protect they tent in the face of eviction. It also doesn't necessarily contradict the idea that all "means of production" (aka factories and such) should be public owned. I not claiming to support the statement but I can see how it's not contradictory.

  6. You should also realize that your blog is being used by ignorant people to bash a worldwide movement which is legitimately significant to the continued progress of man kind.
    I'm not sure if that is the kind of publicity you really want. But I don't claim to know you or your intention, maybe it is.

  7. This person is trying to claim private property in a public park. That in itself is contrary and can't be done without the government's permission. This person has then in effect stolen that piece of land and should then be charged with a crime which is a big piece of the current argument. Equal enforcement of the law.

    As for being there after 5, I wasn't, I was there around noon today. That was convenient for my husband and I. I'm glad there was a dialog this evening. Publish it, I'll be more than happy to read what it was all about.

    I do believe the garbage at the occupy site was caused by the occupiers. It was localized.

  8. One of the reasons I began this blog is because I don't believe this movement is legitimate. No one has said anything to me that has yet to change my opinion. I respectfully give you every opportunity to try.

  9. Well that is a long topic and I would love to engage you on it. My name is James W Jesso and if you see me around or would like to add me to facebook I would encourage you to do so. I go down to the camp for conversation at least once every two days and usually in the evenings. If you ask for me someone there will likely point me out to you.

    I would encourage you in the mean time to take a look at

    Have you done any investigation into the how the current geopolitical system operates in relation to the monetary and market system?

    Also check out this documentary, a couple years old but very relevant.

  10. I've been to the website quite frequently. I've done a lot of reading on the Occupy movement.

    As for current geopolitical systems in relation to monetary market systems, yes, I'm quite familiar with this topic.

    I look forward to speaking with you more. Feel free to email me direct from this site. I will answer you.